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You’ve heard many people talk about sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), social innovation, green business, etc. Confusing?  The truth is that many of these titles are different versions of similar concepts.

There are two ways to look at sustainability.  One is a world-view and the other is a company view of sustainability.  Both are equally important.  The world-view is the view from space far away – how is the health of our environment, our people, and our economy?  How can it be sustained long-term?  The company view is from the ground and looking forward…how can we ensure your organization’s longevity by doing more with less and building the brand?  The answer?  By providing value to ALL of your stakeholders – your customers, employees, and anyone who is touched by your brand.

For this post, we will focus on the company view.  With the world-view as our foundation – we are going to shine a light on how we bring the principles of sustainability into an organization.

Our experience and education is informed by the triple bottom line (TBL) theory using a variety of frameworks depending on the industry and organization.  Using the principles of TBL, we put a financial, social and environmental lens on all business activities.

Financially… is there a return on the investment?  What is your measuring stick?  ROI, IRR, sales numbers, etc.  We will reach financial goals together by reducing the consumption of resources (waste, water, energy, gas, materials) so that your company will save money and add cash to your bottom line.

Socially… whether you sell a product or a service, does your proposition add more value to the lives of people?  Besides just making a sale – is your product or service delighting people, creating a unique impression or making a supply chain difference?  Are you positioning yourselves correctly? See the Stengel report to show how this has made other companies successful.

We also firmly believe that attracting and retaining the best employees is a key to the success of your organization.  Have you thought about wellness programs?  Healthy foods, ergonomics in the work areas, stress prevention, and good benefits mean working with the best.

So how do we do this?

We take a top down and bottom up approach.

We create internal drivers based on stakeholder engagement.

We figure out where you are now and where you want to be.

We organize, facilitate, document, and communicate this sustainability journey.

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